Sunday, June 3, 2012

milestones | june 2012

wow. been very busy with work that i forgot to post the milestones of my boys. although i was busy and all, things have been very exciting (and funny).

today, matteo is 3 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days old. at this stage, oh wow, he has surprised me with the things he can do. check 'em out:

  • can turn to either side
  • grip is tighter
  • laughs and smiles a lot (as in really a lot)
  • can hold his feeding bottle
  • answers to questions (with baby talk of course)
  • enjoys hand sucking

aren't those exciting? for a 3-month old, i'd say absolutely yes! ;-) here's matteo holding his bottle:

and at 3 months, he's still purely breastfed!

now on to kuya uno's antics. today, uno is 2 years, 1 month, 3 weeks, and 5 days old. and here are some of his funny stories milestones:
  • 2-jun-12 - he was eating nova (multigrain snack) and i asked him if i could have, he said "wala na laman, no more" and when he said that he did a corresponding hang gesture. i know it was not a very nice thing to do, but i found it funny and clever. (the first phrase he said is 'no more' in filipino). 
  • 2-jun-12 - matteo was on my lap and uno was playing with him. i held matteo's arm and did "punching" movements and said, "punch kuya uno, punch kuya uno.' all of a sudden, uno stepped back, sat and lay on the floor in one fluid motion. what an action star! haha! 
  • 2-jun-12 - uno wanted to throw matteo's soiled diaper. so i said, "ok, please throw." i wasn't able to thank him immediately when he got back coz i was busy cleaning up matteo. uno blurted, "thank you kuya uno." i guess that's his way of letting me know i forgot to thank him. hehe.
  • 1-jun-12 - was lying in bed when uno went inside the room, looked in the mirror and said, "pogi yun o!" (that's handsome!") hahahaha! when he saw me laughing, he ran to me, hugged me and blurted, "nanay, love you much!" i think he was embarrassed.
  • 26-may-12 - without telling him what to call his new nanny, he just started referring to her as "ate" (big sister). awesome, right? 
  • 13-may-12 - was surfing the net and uno was just watching. then all of a sudden, he says, "nanay, lie down tayo, off na." (mommy, let's lie down, turn it off). after he said that, he wanted to close my laptop. i think he was too bored just watching me surf. hihi.
  • 7-may-12 - uno looked at matteo after i carried the latter out of the carrier. he then climbed on top of the drawer connected to the full length mirror. i thought he was going to look at himself in the mirror again, but he just increased the speed of the wall fan. so sweet!
  • 7-may-12 - this was a wonderful morning to wake up to. uno woke up to matter's cries. i changed the little one's diaper first. so, by the time i was prepping him up for feeding, he was really, really crying. uno approached us, tapped matteo's legs and said, "it's ok, it's ok. tama na." (it's ok, it's ok. stop crying.) isn't that absolutely adorable?

did you enjoy those stories? i know those were not really milestones, but it shows uno's cleverness and grasp for what's happening around him. i think he's still advanced compared to most boys his age. and i find that amazing! :D

work and breastfeeding has really taken its toll on me. i've lost so many pounds and most days i only get to eat one meal. i've been getting fever on some days. i'm now down to 98lbs, which is really underweight. i hope workload gets lighter so i can go home to my boys right away, play with them more and breastfeed matteo more. so, here's hoping to more time with my boys! 'til the next milestones update... :D