Saturday, February 20, 2010

pregnant and loving it

as i've mentioned in an earlier post, my first trimester was just stressful. aside from all those stress inducing factors, i was nervous, scared, confused, and everything in between. i just knew that i wasn't ready for this.

but even though the first few months were like that, i was, and still am thankful. the first time i had my ultrasound, i cried. that speck from the screen made me cry. to top it all of, it was accompanied by the most beautiful symphony i've ever heard of -- my baby's heartbeat. no words could express what i felt that day. and indeed, no words came out but a sigh...and tears.

blooming me

i was only able to confirm my baby's gender on my 6th month. friends from the (cebu) office would say my baby's a boy. my mom guessed it was a girl -- saying that my sense of smell is too sensitive.

when i got back to manila, my friend's hubby also said my baby's a girl. that's 2 out of how many people already. i didn't want to argue.

i was able to confirm it after i had my congenital anomaly scan. my baby's a boy! funny thing is, now that i know, people from the (manila) office think he's a she. mainly because they say i'm blooming, my skin looks great, or that my neck does not have any discoloration.wish i have pictures to show it. but it's pretty hard to prove it. you just have to see me i guess.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

my little taurus

i love fun facts! and i like checking out websites about pregnancy. is a great website. it has a week by week 3d pregnancy calendar that gives you an idea of what's going on with you and your baby. the articles are very informative and helpful; they're witty and humorous too.

this is what my baby looks like based on my due date. according to the site, i'm currently on my 29th week. funny how my new ob was able to tell me that at once. pregnancy math is so confusing.

but then again, thanks to this site, it will help you sort out things. looking at this picture makes me want to get a 4d ultrasound. if only it wasn't expensive.

until i make a decision, i'm happy with this. here's more information about the 29th week.

Friday, February 5, 2010

fab finds | maternity outfits

after telling a friend that i was pregnant, she requested me to buy maternity jeans 'coz she didn't want me wearing a dress all the time. honestly, i find it cost-effective to buy dresses instead since i can still wear them post-maternity.

maternity jeans, i soon realized, are expensive. well, they have the same price as regular jeans but if you factor in its functionality, it is expensive. you only get to wear it from your 5th month onwards and after that, it's off to the baul.

i did buy (and might still buy) a few maternity clothes but of course they're and have to be affordable. so for soon-to-be moms out there, here's where you can find clothes you can wear during and after pregnancy.