Friday, March 26, 2010

still kinda unprepared

yesterday marked my 36th week of pregnancy. today i had a bloody show...and my hospital bag is still not ready.

when will i ever learn that cramming... not the best policy.

promise, i'll work on it tonight. or maybe tomorrow. definitely this weekend.

here i go again.

~ooh momma

i bought 3 new nighties, a toiletries bag, more newborn disposable diapers, and underpads. i'm pretty much ready. everything's in some plastic and just needs to be placed in a bag. that is, of course, after i wash the clothes. *wink*

the show

yesterday there was an earthquake that lasted probably more than 10 seconds. it made me dizzy but i remained calm. no need for panic.

today, after peeing, i noticed blood. breathe. i was in the restroom stall for quite a long time trying to figure out what's happening and wiping the blood. i thought, maybe i just have uti, it's still too early.

as soon as i got back to my workstation, i called my doctor's suite. jen answered of course and i told her what's happening. i did tell her that i'm not in pain, there are no contractions, and definitely no water. she said to come in for a check-up with doktora. if i experience any pain, she added, i should go directly to the delivery room. oh, and she also advised me to relax.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

@ 35 weeks

i still have not decided yet where i want to have my picture taken... so i took pix again of myself using my laptop. here's one from that series.

Friday, March 19, 2010

why i need to have my picture taken...stat!

i had a check-up yesterday and i ended up having mixed emotions after.

for one, my ob already gave me a heads up that i'll be having my first internal exam on my next visit (which is on the 31st of march). yikes! she said i have enough time to prepare myself psychologically. hmm. lemme think...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

preparing the hospital bag

i'm already on my 34th week and my hospital bag is not even ready yet. chaos!  i read somewhere that you should have it prepared around your 6th or 7th month. oh my. i still have a lot on my list. 

here's what i have so far...

clockwise from l to r: disposable breast pads, sanitary 
napkin with wings, sanitary overnight napkins, nursing bras, 
toothbrush, mouthwash, underwears, soap, facial wash, 
shampoo, conditioner, camera, and batteries.

the search is over

when we went to divisoria to buy stuff for uno, i asked my mom if she knows where we can get a laundry detergent that's best for baby clothes. she said i can only get them from the states. bummer.

little did i know that our local department stores actually have mild laundry detergents that are suited for babies. i've been strolling around sm and landmark's baby areas and i found out that both have detergents. yipee! i don't have to ask a relative or a friend to buy for me from the u.s.