Monday, September 24, 2012

milestones | sept 2012

wow, i've missed a few months! it's been a looooooooooooooong time since i've blogged about my boys' milestones. will make it quick... :)

uno's been very hyperactive lately and i've seen him show signs of jealousy toward his baby brother. but he's very, very sweet too. he's now 2 years and 5 months old and here are the things he can do:

  • yesterday, my brother let him listen to his ipod. it was the first time he heard the song good time (owl city with carly rae jepsen). the 2nd time it was played, uno was already "singing" words like good time, oooh wo oh. cute!
  • he's still afraid of his potty trainer but there are times he removes his diaper and says "wee wee," then he goes to the bathroom to pee...on the floor. crazy! ;)
  • he mimics almost everything he hears and sees! my dad loves watching sports on tv and uno looks like he's been playing tennis, golf, and boxing. my sports buff in the making!
  • uno can "play" yes-no-maybe. he pretty much says no to everything! and when he's the one asking, well, pancit and tennis are part of the categories. haha!
as for my baby dragon, oh wow! he's 7 months and 6 days old and the things he can do are just so wonderful.
  • matteo can now sit for long periods of time. he'll just sit and play with his toys or observe. 
  • can stand on his own (supporting himself by holding on to the sides of his crib).
  • he's really now very familiar with food especially his milk. there have been instances while dining, he'd grab our plates or spoons. hungry baby!
  • he likes playing with mobile phones and my laptop. maybe he should create his facebook page already, haha!
  • although he does not cry a lot, i notice that whenever i take something away from him (say he's been playing with my phone), he'd cry really loud. he knows which "toys" he wants to play with and does not want them taken from him. hmmm, what do i make of that?
those are the things i have from the top of my head. hopefully i get to post regularly. things have been crazy especially since i'm working in the graveyard shift and i don't get to spend more time with my boys on a "regular" basis.

i miss the morning shift...and sleeping with my boys the same time they are asleep. oh well... gotta go, the dragon looks like he's about to wake up. 'til the next!