Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's not fare

i miss cebu.

i've been staying at my mom's house in paranaque since i gave birth. went back to work a few weeks ago and haven't moved back to the apartment in taguig mainly because uno still does not have a yaya.

i miss cebu. really.

the minimum cab fare from my mom's house to the office is php160.

bummer right? even uno's scratchin' his head... *wink*

php100 is all i need to get to the office and take me back home. 100 and that's round trip already! but like i said, i miss cebu.

i'm back in manila. back to life. back to reality.

in 2 months' time, we're moving to our ortigas site. ugh. how worse can it get?

well, here's hopin' for the best.

happy inauguration p*noy and v*nay!

startin' him young

he probably wouldn't understand it 'til he turns 5 or even older but i still did it nonetheless... and i'm so glad i did!

still wonderin' what it is?

it's a bdo junior savers club account for uno. weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

it didn't really matter to me what the product has to offer. i didn't even bother to check out other banks. as long as i can open an account for uno the most convenient way possible, that's good enough for me. our building's bdo branch was the best option and i was just too excited to wait another day.

to open a junior savers club account, you only need the following:
- your baby's birth certificate
- (1) 1x1 picture of your baby
- (2) of your IDs
- (1) 1x1 pic of yourself
- php500 (to open an account)

i had uno's birth certificate and 2 of my IDs (license and company ID) photo copied. i  also got him 1x1 and 2x2 pictures. just bring the original copy of your baby's birth certificate so they can compare them. bring your IDs too, of course. isn't that easy?

according to the bank personnel who assisted me, the maintaining balance can be as low as php100. this is still subject to verification, but i know i heard her right. (i wonder why i didn't ask her then.)

the bdo website also indicates that the maintaining balance has to be at php500 for it to earn a .625% interest. like i said, i don't even know what other banks can offer, but as long as uno's account can earn interest, i'm a happy customer!

all of uno's monetary gifts are now in his account.  yey! i will leave it up to him to decide  what he wants to do with his money. in the meantime, i need to make sure his account will grow. so aside from diapers, milk formula (which he would eventually get) and other things, i need to set aside an uno fund for his savings. time to budget, budget, budget!

ooooh, i can't wait to see him deposit money that he saved himself. i also can't wait to see him get all excited to withdraw money! hihi...

so that's done, finally! next on my to do list for uno: passport! wish me luck!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

sent from above

**super late post**

i got a blow-up babies (bub) free photo session card from my ob when i was still pregnant. she gave it to me after one of my prenatal checkups coz she was just amazed by my tummy. here's what i posted in facebook after that encounter:

don't you just love her? she's so chic and cool. i'm so glad i switched. ;-)

anyway, a friend's boyfriend gladly took pix of me in all my pregnant glory. so i decided to keep the card for when my baby's a few weeks old. i remember seeing a black & white photo of heidi klum with baby lou sulola who was just days old. (sorry, been trying to look for it.) it was pure love and i knew i wanted something like it. the only problem was, i didn't have  that same awesome body and rockin' flat tummy as ms. klum. so, here's what i came up with instead...

i wore a white spaghetti strapped top and skirt and was brave (or maybe just stupid) enough to remove all of uno's clothes...yes, including his diaper! this was actually the 2nd shot and uno was becoming uncooperative coz of all the lights flashing. still, i absolutely love how the pic came out! and to quote a friend, "parang madonna and child ah." *heaven*

let it be known though that before uno's 3rd pose, he poop'd on my white outfit. talk about perfect timing! ;-)

a baby photo shoot is not complete without any kind of wings included. so for uno's 1st shot, my heart just melted coz of his cuteness!

my truly adorable little angel! i couldn't stop laughing though while his pic was being taken. the wings are longer than him and since it was too big for him to wear, they just placed it on his back. clever! 

and finally, the last shot was from a pic i saw from their album. i liked the simplicity and how it shows how fragile a baby is.

those are my mom's hands. doesn't uno look so innocent here? sigh. i should have placed a ribbon here somewhere with the text: handle with care.

the card entitled me to a free photo session worth php500 plus a php200 discount on photo printing. each 8x10 sheet costs php900 for non-members. i got 3 sheets so i could get a free cd with around 15 unedited photos plus the edited ones. all in all i only shelled out php2500 instead of 3200. thanks for the card, doktora!

happy sunday!

Monday, June 14, 2010

i heart the boncho

i'm so loving my purple mosaic boncho! since uno is still exclusively breastfed, i've been using it a lot whenever we're out and about.

i can wear a t-shirt and still breastfeed in public! the boncho can cover my front and back while uno feeds. plus the stretchy fabric makes it so comfy.

even when inside a breastfeeding station, i still
prefer to wear the boncho. you see that round lump? 
that's uno's head. don't worry, he can still

bought it for php565 from indigo manila. get yours now!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

special delivery

i ordered something online.

uno's outfit for his b day reception is from...

can't wait to see him wear it...and i can't wait for others to see him wearing it.

we'll make them "green" with envy.

a clue! a clue! ;-)

my newest baby

no, i'm not pregnant again. just showing my recently purchased shoes (to be worn on uno's b day).

nude is perfect for almost anything...and i like the "louboutin" sole. i think this one's going to be used and abused. *wink*

all day i dream about...


this is what uno will wear to his b day...

i heart adidas! don't you just love his shoes?

it even has this tag...

...and when you open it, there's a message inside!

i know, i know... need to use a real camera.

guess what the message is!

clean is in

here's what i used to make uno's giveaways...

yes, i was the one who made them. so, what's the giveaway?

will post the b day pix later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

what's that...

...a hat?

Overslept, hair unsightly
Yeah, trying to look like Kiera Knightley
We've been there
We've done that
We see right through your funky hat

-selena gomez

went to the sm bicutan to buy ingredients for dessert and some other stuff for tomorrow's special occasion. didn't know that wearing a hat would catch so much attention. i got a lot of stares yesterday.

what's wrong with wearing a hat? it's not a crime, just a bad hair day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the human duyan

i swear! it's so difficult to put uno to sleep nowadays. he's now used to being carried and you really need to stand-up and lull him to sleep. as soon as you sit down, he wakes up! ugh! an adorable nightmare.

we've been using his stroller whenever we'd go out but we'd end up carrying him anyway coz lately he gets restless when he's on it.

meet uno's ride: the chicco trevi stroller.
@ st. luke's for his well-baby check-up.
gone were the days when he'd just 
sleep tight in his stroller. sigh.

so as not to cause mayhem while out and about, i decided to buy a carrier.
this was taken yesterday. en route to G5.

before buying this, i already bought a next 9 sling but i found it so uncomfortable for both of us when i tried to put him in it using the newborn carry. since i already spent php999 for the sling, i was on the lookout for an affordable carrier. good thing the gaisano department store in market, market carries (pardon the pun) different types of carriers. 

at first they showed me one that didn't look sturdy at all. eventually, i got the bebeta 6in1 soft baby carrier. aside from the fact that i can carry him 6 different ways, i bought  it coz my friend wanted it too (even though she already has a chicco carrier). there were only 2 colors available so i ended up getting the lumot green version instead of khaki.

i got it for only php749.75 and i consider that a bargain. so far i've only tried the newborn carry. uno will graduate from that as soon as he can support his own head. i've been using it at home too to rock him to sleep -- hands free! whadyaknow? i'm a mommy and a human duyan. ^^, (i'm still bent on buying a real duyan of course!)

just a few things though:
- the carrier's head support is too big for him so i placed a baby head cushion in it;
- it can get pretty hot inside so i make sure to check on him frequently; and finally,
- the newborn carry only uses 1 shoulder for support, so i make sure to alternate every now and then.

i think the stroller will gather dust before we use it again. *wink*

as for my get-up: everything i'm wearing are my sister's. i decided to wear leggings coz i was planning to buy shorts. i can easily try on some pants/shorts without removing the leggings. the sandals are of course, made for walking. the loose tank top is for easy breastfeeding. but since it's too loose, i wore a black tube underneath...and yes, that is still my sister's.