Sunday, April 25, 2010

my latest achievement

uno already celebrated his half month birthday and still i have not blogged about how each day has been. i hope i get to blog about his developments and all the pictures i've taken...soon!

i just want to share about my latest achievement in the world of pumping breastmilk. this is my 3rd attempt and i'm so happy with the results.

each container has around 3 oz of 
breastmilk...and that's from each breast!

i hope i can make it a habit to pump milk each day. i feel like my breasts are going to explode with all the milk in it plus i don't want to waste milk and just let it leak. so, here's to more pumping action! ;-)


Thursday, April 15, 2010

another show

guess what?! i already gave birth and tonight at 7:11pm is uno miguel's 1st week birthday! it's been a busy week and i hope to blog about it soon...

in the meantime...

while outside and getting a tan (actually, i was exposing my baby to the sun), i felt like i was peeing. but when i looked down, it was not yellow or clear, it was red... i was bleeding. ugh. i called manang and she took uno. when i got to the bathroom, my ultra thin napkin had this one glob of blood. oh no! as soon as i cleaned myself up, i called my ob. she said it's normal but i would need to observe the flow. if i continue to bleed, i should go to her clinic later. *scared*

i hope it's nothing serious. better yet, i hope i stop bleeding. i don't want to be away from my baby. and i don't want to stop giving him breastmilk. i've been breastfeeding ever since i gave birth. it's been a crazy week. i really hope things become better already.

to give you an idea: uno had wiwi and poopoo problems so i didn't get him circumcised anymore. plus my back, tummy, and v are all aching, until now. so i really hope things get better. sigh.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

dilation? effacement? english please!

today marks my 37th week! yipee!!! 

i had a quickie check-up with my kikay ob yesterday and good thing there was no ie! yesssssss!!! however, she did say that next week's ie is going to be more painful. oh no. she said she's going to do something to start getting my baby out. definitely not looking forward to it.

i've been reading about my baby's development from and both are talking about dilation, effacement and the cervix. pregnant and confused. a not so perfect combination. know more about these terms here.

doktora said that on my 1st ie, my cervix was still thick and dilation was still at 1cm. but then again, she does want me to give birth already. she's so atat, it drives me crazy! i still love her though. out of all the ob's i tried, she's definitely the best! and she keeps reminding me to always have my camera ready since i can give birth anytime soon. ^^,

again, i'm very very excited and at the same time scared. i'll just have to take it one day at a time until d-day comes.

doktora also mentioned that my baby's size still looks average and the size of my pelvis seems big enough for my baby. i'm glad. ;-) let's just see how the next check-up goes.


pads and diapers

a friend of mine who recently gave birth said she brought pads and diapers with her to the hospital.

i'm going to do exactly the same thing!

clockwise from l to r: underpads, adult diapers, newborn
diapers, and maternity pads

i bought all these from the landmark grocery. i think i'd save big time on my hospital bill by doing this. ;-)