Monday, May 13, 2013

pre-natal check-ups

i just had a check-up last wednesday and it's soooooo good to know that i didn't gain weight. whew! i've been gaining too much - around 5lbs every 2 weeks and my ob says i really need to control my food intake. but i'm still happy to know that my baby boy's estimated size is still ok. whooopee!

i'm usually in a dress + cardi outfit but when i have a check-up, i make sure to wear separates. why? well, for pre-natal check-ups, it's best to wear a top + bottom 'coz most definitely your ob will check your baby's heartbeat. and it would be embarrassing (well, at least for me) to have to pull up your dress just to show your baby bump.

i also make sure to wear shoes that are easy to remove so when i lay on that "check-up bed" it's less hassle and quicker too.

here's what i wore to my check-up:

33 weeks and 4 days
 top: forever21 | leggings: forever21 | bag: parisian
sandals: solemate x sm | belt: cotton on

see, with separates, you only need to expose your tummy. ;) but even if you wear a dress to your check-up, your ob will still cover you up down there, but again, it would take time and it's a hassle. 

so always make sure to wear separates so it's more convenient, quicker, and less embarrassing.

just wanted to share what i wore that week:

33 weeks and 2 days
dress: market, market | cardigan: cotton on
sandals: payless

33 weeks and 3 days
dress: st. francis square | cardigan: landmark
sandals: payless

33 weeks and 5 days
dress: redhead x sm | cardigan: cotton on
sandals: solemate x sm

since i wasn't able to take pix all throughout my pregnancy, i aim to take pix daily/regularly just to chronicle everything and take outfit photos. too bad i wasn't able to take a pic last friday. it was such a busy day that i forgot to ask someone or even take a selfie. oh, well.

oh, and nope, i don't have a new gadget yet... still contemplating on what to get. hopefully within a week. :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

boy, oh boy

it's been months since i last posted again. things have been crazy! and quite frankly, i did miss blogging. i sure hope i get to blog more often!

so why, after all these months that i've been quiet, i am back?! well, i am pregnant again with my 3rd baby! surprise, surprise! and, it's another boy! my 3rd baby boy! can you imagine?! wow, how productive of me, haha!

i'm actually already on my 8th month. time flew by so fast... i haven't even had the chance to get myself photographed. sigh. so many things to do, so little time!

i hope i get to blog more. i'm planning to get a tablet or any new gadget to help me post about my pregnancy and other oohmomma adventures. i just hope i get a new one, stat! any suggestions?

that's all for now. looking forward to using my new gadget for my next post (crossing my fingers)... ;)