Thursday, October 21, 2010

a small town in a little corner

i wish all fitting rooms were as colorful as this...

this is the children's fitting room at the 3rd floor of the gaisano department store in market market. each cubicle is as colorful as the next. too bad i didn't take more pictures. but i'm sure glad i saw it. if all fitting rooms were like this, i think kids will be more cooperative. ;-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

24 carrot gold

3 days after uno got his first taste of solids, we tried bugs bunny's favorite snack.

with still no food processor on hand (and no real carrots inside the ref), i bought another earth's best product from healthy options.

earth's best organic first carrots (2.5oz or 71g) php39.
sorry for the poor quality of photos. i'm only using my phone.

i think he enjoyed it. 

what do you think?

oh, and that's the famous nanny by the way. hehe...


ever since uno had his first taste of solids, he sticks out his tongue a lot.

does that mean he really enjoys eating solid food?

now, here he is playing with his toes.

he's so flexible that his toes often find its way to his mouth. lol. or maybe he just got tired of his hands' flavors and now enjoys his sweaty feet. eww... ;-)

ok, so let's put the two together and what have we got?

all that's left to do is spin him around and he'd look like he's bustin' a move. hehe, i just love it when he does news things.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

solids time!

uno already turned 6 months old! half-fy birthday my baby! wow, it's been 6 months already? where did the time go?

well, this is it! it's solids time. i've been looking forward to this day. as soon as uno's pedia gave the go signal, uno's nanny and i discussed a game plan. although cerelac is good and all, i would want uno to eat real fruits and vegetables. since i don't have a food processor yet, i decided to buy something from an organic store. enter, healthy options. 

i have a cousin who really loves this store. ever since my aunt was diagnosed with cancer, they've been getting almost all their stuff here. so i figured, this would be the best place to get something healthy for my baby. but, what do i get?

the book what to expect the first year recommends the following first foods to give your baby: rice cereals, barley cereals, and oat cereals. luckily, healthy options has whole grain rice cereals...and organic at that! 

earth's best organic whole grain rice cereal (227g) for only php139.

prior to purchasing this good stuff, i already bought uno's feeding spoons. it took me around an hour to decide what spoons to get (coz frankly, i didn't know feeding spoons can be expensive). i finally settled on these:

got these from market2 for php159.75 only.

it's time to eat!

first, i transferred the rice cereals to an empty milk formula can. after washing and drying the blue spoon, i put 3 spoons full of cereals to one avent via cup. mixed it with uno's milk until i got the consistency i was looking for.

uno's nanny let him sat on her lap and put a bib under his chin. i got my older brother's iphone, got a teeny-weeny serving and said, aah!

to my delight, we didn't have any problems feeding uno his first solid food. yey! the cereal may be bland in taste (yes, i tasted it after), but i would have to say, he enjoyed it! good thing we had water on hand coz boy, was he thirsty. ;-)

uno didn't seem to have an allergic reaction to the rice cereals. so we moved on to something out for it.

i will post the video as soon as i get it from my brother.  enjoy the rest of your sunday!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i'm missing a lot

just a quick all-text update.

when uno woke up yesterday morning, he turned over and bent his knees! sooner or later he'll be crawling left and right, forward and back. time does go by so fast. i guess that means more bed railings.

ooooh, i hope i'd be the one to see it first. ;-)

in other (old) news.

i've been meaning to write about the other things that i noticed uno can do.
1. he definitely knows his name already. but there are times he just refuses to turn and find out who's calling him.
2. his talent is 1-2-3 smile. yes, everytime i say that, he'd smile. or giggle. or laugh. maybe i can get talent fees from his godparents and grandparents. lol.
3. he can sit down but he still needs support.
4. he eats his hands a lot, which can be a bad thing eventually, if it becomes a habit. i bought teethers to help with that but for some reason he still prefers his hands. i wonder what their flavors are. and even if i let him hold his teethers, he makes it seem like his gnawing on them but really, he's thumb sucking. genius!
5. he's now very talkative and likes to shout a lot. he eavesdrops too. hihihi, just like me.

uno's turning 6 months on the 8th and i'll miss out on a lot of his milestones coz of work. i think i have to buy a flip video and teach uno's nanny how to use it. i may not be the 1st one to see it (whatever milestone that is), but at least i'd see the 1st time he did it. that's a-ok with me.