Friday, September 20, 2013

updating your tax status

i went to bir the other day to finally get my tax status updated. matteo and mikolo are now my dependents and my tax status is now s3. woot! and guess what, it was such a breeze!!!

here are my tips for you when getting your tax status updated:

1. if you had a previous employer, go to their rdo branch so you can transfer your records to your current employer's rdo. don't make the mistake of having to wait at your current company's rdo only to find out you were supposed to do something else first.

2. make sure to get an authorized person to sign your form 2305 on behalf of your current company (usually someone from hr). and make sure your company's details at the bottom part are filled out and updated. you can download the form online if your company does not provide this.

3. prepare 2 copies...always.

4. get the birth certificate/s photocopied and authenticated. most government offices don't require nso copies or original ones. 

5. come in around 4pm. bir closes at 5 and when they see it's near closing time, that's when they start picking up pace. i got my tax status updated in less than an hour.

6. as per our payroll team, wait for september to get your tax status updated. that way your tax returns are higher. unless of course you give birth past that month, then update it right away.

7. if you can pay someone to do this for you, then do it. let him/her take care of all the other documents like sss and pag-ibig so you can just spend time with your baby. if your hubby can do it, that's better. ;)

i hope these tips are helpful for you. do you have other bir tips? :)

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