Thursday, April 15, 2010

another show

guess what?! i already gave birth and tonight at 7:11pm is uno miguel's 1st week birthday! it's been a busy week and i hope to blog about it soon...

in the meantime...

while outside and getting a tan (actually, i was exposing my baby to the sun), i felt like i was peeing. but when i looked down, it was not yellow or clear, it was red... i was bleeding. ugh. i called manang and she took uno. when i got to the bathroom, my ultra thin napkin had this one glob of blood. oh no! as soon as i cleaned myself up, i called my ob. she said it's normal but i would need to observe the flow. if i continue to bleed, i should go to her clinic later. *scared*

i hope it's nothing serious. better yet, i hope i stop bleeding. i don't want to be away from my baby. and i don't want to stop giving him breastmilk. i've been breastfeeding ever since i gave birth. it's been a crazy week. i really hope things become better already.

to give you an idea: uno had wiwi and poopoo problems so i didn't get him circumcised anymore. plus my back, tummy, and v are all aching, until now. so i really hope things get better. sigh.


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