Wednesday, October 20, 2010


ever since uno had his first taste of solids, he sticks out his tongue a lot.

does that mean he really enjoys eating solid food?

now, here he is playing with his toes.

he's so flexible that his toes often find its way to his mouth. lol. or maybe he just got tired of his hands' flavors and now enjoys his sweaty feet. eww... ;-)

ok, so let's put the two together and what have we got?

all that's left to do is spin him around and he'd look like he's bustin' a move. hehe, i just love it when he does news things.

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ceemee said...

My son likes touching his toes, too. He tries to taste it but he couldn't reach it, hehe! He's gonna start on solids also, he cries when he sees his older sister eating, parang gusto na nya. Glad he likes the healthy food!