Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i'm missing a lot

just a quick all-text update.

when uno woke up yesterday morning, he turned over and bent his knees! sooner or later he'll be crawling left and right, forward and back. time does go by so fast. i guess that means more bed railings.

ooooh, i hope i'd be the one to see it first. ;-)

in other (old) news.

i've been meaning to write about the other things that i noticed uno can do.
1. he definitely knows his name already. but there are times he just refuses to turn and find out who's calling him.
2. his talent is 1-2-3 smile. yes, everytime i say that, he'd smile. or giggle. or laugh. maybe i can get talent fees from his godparents and grandparents. lol.
3. he can sit down but he still needs support.
4. he eats his hands a lot, which can be a bad thing eventually, if it becomes a habit. i bought teethers to help with that but for some reason he still prefers his hands. i wonder what their flavors are. and even if i let him hold his teethers, he makes it seem like his gnawing on them but really, he's thumb sucking. genius!
5. he's now very talkative and likes to shout a lot. he eavesdrops too. hihihi, just like me.

uno's turning 6 months on the 8th and i'll miss out on a lot of his milestones coz of work. i think i have to buy a flip video and teach uno's nanny how to use it. i may not be the 1st one to see it (whatever milestone that is), but at least i'd see the 1st time he did it. that's a-ok with me.

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