Sunday, April 22, 2012

milestones | baby dragon and kuya tiger

today, matteo is 2 months and 4 days old.

even before he turned 1 month old, he could already lift his head high whenever he's lying on his stomach. His other milestones to date:

  • smiles back
  • responds with sounds
  • weighs 11lbs

for his 2nd month, we celebrated with 2 dozen kk donuts! ;-)

as for kuya uno, i'm happy that he can now speak in complete sentences. but most of the time, it's in filipino. i need to talk to him in english more since everyone else in the house is using the vernacular. here are a few of uno's antics:
  • my underwear was on my leg and uno accidentally kicked me (he was playing with his shoes on). my underwear got dirty and i told him, "i won't bring you with me to the mall anymore. say sorry." he replied with, "sorry panty." hahahaha!
  • i was wearing my heels and looking at myself in the mirror. when uno saw me, he blurted, "wow, sexy nanay!" hihihi... (nanay is mommy in filipino)

looking forward to more wonderful milestones from my boys!

my only concern is, uno's getting jealous of matteo lately. i've been giving them equal attention, but it doesn't seem to work. uno wasn't like this, only started last week i think. how do i address this? any suggestions?

oh, and yes, i went back to work last monday. i'm happy to say, matteo is still purely breastfed. hope i can keep this up for the next few months! :D even though i'm only getting around 3-5 hours of sleep, my breaks are for "harvesting" milk, i only get to eat 1-2 meals a day, and i'm sleepy and tired all the time, i know my hard work will pay off big time. so i guess, this is also a milestone for me. :) oh yeah!

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