Saturday, April 14, 2012

uno turns dos, part 1

for uno's 1st birthday, i originally wanted a pool party but i had a difficult time looking for a place. so we ended up celebrating his birthday at lazer extreme in market, market. 

i contemplated on whether or not it is wise to celebrate uno's 2nd since i just gave birth last february and i'm on a really, really tight budget. but i thought, the next time his birthday will fall exactly on a weekend is when he turns 7. that was my deciding factor. silly, i know. ;-) so with only 2 weeks left before the big day, i put my party planner hat on and frantically figured everything i wanted in my head.

the place
i've been googling pools for rent since forever, when all this time my mom knew about this place just a few blocks away from our house. pictures of pools from google looked ok, but this is by far the best i've seen.

first off, there's a lounge area with super comfy seats, colorful stools & pots, paintings, and cool furniture.

this was a day before the party. wasn't able to take 
better pix, sorry. see the pink cloth on the left? 
those are the seat cushions when not in use.

look how thick the cushions are! i swear, they're  super comfy! 
given the chance, i would sleep on them. :)

here's a view of the lounge from the pool.
(above pic was taken by my sister, trisha)

now for a kiddie party, the pool is huge!

shallowest is at 4ft (left) and deepest is at 12ft (right). 12 feet?!?!?!?!
coz there's a diving board on that part, that's why. :)

here's a view of the pool & lounge near the entrance.

and from the opposite side, here's a look at the entrance gate.

i hope you're getting an idea of what the place looks like. from
this angle, the lounge and pool are on the left, while the garden
is on your right (behind these wooden benches).

garden?! yep, there's a garden where you can do different kinds of activities.

from the entrance, this is a view of the garden.
(can you picture what the place looks like now?)

i only had around 50 guests and i can say this can easily fit around 100 people. i've been told this has been used for a debut and even a wedding! can you believe that? how awesome is this place! :D (nope, not getting paid to praise and sort of advertise this venue...hehe)

if the pix are not good enough for you to choose this for your party or event, below are a few more reasons i can give:

1. you can save on decorations since the place is already full of colorful stuff - the tables, chairs, pots, etc.
2. speaking of tables and chairs, you can use them if you're not getting a caterer.
3. it may not be obvious but the garden has trees. and these trees i believe are a big help in keeping the area cool.
4. it's not far. here's a map just to give you an idea.

blue dot is the venue.

5. and last but not the least, rent is not expensive. (but i think it varies on the # of guests you have)

the only problem i have is there's only 1 shower room. although i didn't hear any complaints about that.

so there you go, i hope those helped. :) i won't even think twice in renting this place again. an officemate is thinking of using it for team building; my niece has suggested it to one of her classmates for a teen party; and if staycation is your thing, why not bring your family here? :D

will tell you more about uno's party in my next posts. ;-)

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