Thursday, January 9, 2014


No, this is not about zombies... ;)

Just wanted to share pics from Tuesday, January 7th.

First up, my baby boy who's turning 7 months this Friday has officially started using a walker! 

I was estatic! Well, I still am! And although I wasn't able to capture it in the pictures, believe me when I say, he was happy, too. Very.

Why all the hoopla? His brothers didn't use a walker until they were around 10 months. Not sure if it was just me, but I just didn't think they were ready when they were this age. What is the best time to use a walker anyway?

Coincidentally, I decided to use the S Health app that came pre-installed on my Samsung Galaxy S4 on that very same day.

Although I am too thin for my own good, I still think I need to get some exercise - any valid form of exercise. So whenever I work from our Makati office, I park at the main office because 1- parking is free and 2- I'd be forced to walk. 

First time to try it and I would have to say,  I am happy with the results.

The right half shows my stats from when I walked to the other building. I didn't know that alone was almost 1000 steps! Wow! And yes, you might say that I didn't reach the suggested goal of 10,000 steps, but reaching more than 50% is good enough for me! To think, I didn't even have my phone with me the whole time!

Why 10,000 steps? According to Wikihow, counting steps is a better motivator for people to squeeze in exercise (walking, in this case), in their daily routine compared to having a mindset of "I need to have a 30-minute exercise everyday!" And I absolutely agree! I think it's more fun this way. Plus, having a 30-minute exercise mindset might just hinder you since you may initially think, "Where do I find the time to exercise?" Wouldn't you agree? :) 

As a mom, walking with my kids is good exercise for us and it's bonding time as well. Walking around the village or the park makes them excited and happy! :) Same effect on me... And we all get to squeeze in a little workout. *wink* (I don't make them walk 10,000 steps, of course!)

10,000 steps may sound like a lot but I really think it's doable. Wikihow shares how this can be achieved with tips and tidbits, too! 

What are you waiting for?! Let's walk!

If you have other tips on the 10,000 steps initiative, I would love to know! :D

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