Friday, February 5, 2010

fab finds | maternity outfits

after telling a friend that i was pregnant, she requested me to buy maternity jeans 'coz she didn't want me wearing a dress all the time. honestly, i find it cost-effective to buy dresses instead since i can still wear them post-maternity.

maternity jeans, i soon realized, are expensive. well, they have the same price as regular jeans but if you factor in its functionality, it is expensive. you only get to wear it from your 5th month onwards and after that, it's off to the baul.

i did buy (and might still buy) a few maternity clothes but of course they're and have to be affordable. so for soon-to-be moms out there, here's where you can find clothes you can wear during and after pregnancy.

#1: multiply
the world wide web offers practically everything and anything under the sun: you just need to know where to look. offers a variety of dresses at very affordable prices. the seller is based in cebu though. if you add the cost of the dress plus shipping, it still won't cost you an arm and a leg.

i bought this kimono fan dress for only
php320. you can wear it alone or
with leggings. (photo from the
dress it up site)

they also have maxi dresses and other free flowing ones that are non-restrictive and will let your tummy "breathe." just make sure to check their site frequently as stocks go out fast.

#2: department stores and tiangges
leggings. empire tube dresses. cardigans. a little patience goes a long way.

most of the dresses that i bought are not your typical office outfits. so buying cardigans were definitely on my list. gaisano metro has cardigans ranging from php200 to 400.

leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend - they stretch with you. landmark has leggings that only cost around php110 and they have a variety of colors and length. drop by the teens section and you'll see 3 racks of leggings. the stalls in market market also offer leggings. prices vary as well. if you like the ones that are thicker, they'd cost around 200 bucks. still not bad eh?

i love empire tube dresses! they're so girly and presko. it can go from day (with a cardigan/shawl in the office) to night (with your ladies). landmark and metro gaisano's teens' sections have cute empire tube dresses. again, patience is the a little bit of luck.

#3: mother care, sm department store
since i bought a pair of maternity jeans and have quite a # of leggings, mother care provides me with affordable tops/blouses that i can wear in the office. again, anything that has to do with clothes shopping at a department store requires patience...and lots of it.

#2: maternity brands on sale
be on the lookout for brands catering to the pregnant market: they might have a really, really special offer.

i recently chanced upon a "sale" sign at a gingersnaps store in sm bicutan. i knew i had to check it out.

yep, you read it right. buy 1 get 2 free!
that's 3 tops for only 500 pesos. isn't
that a steal? i got the sleeveless
ones though coz the t-shirts didn't
flatter my body.

don't let sale items slip by. there are great finds in these offers too.

#5: non-maternity clothes on sale
watch out also for your favorite brand to go on sale. usually, items on sale would mean larger sizes. for us, that spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t.

last weekend i saw a 50% off sign at nafnaf. i had to stop.

7 months pregnant and this dress looks cute on me!
you can wear a baby tee for a cuter look.
got this for only php499.

i also saw a "299" sign and knew i had to dig in to find something useful. and guess what happened next?

i found this printed tunic. it's not just any other print.
see the middle picture? the print has a shiny
effect coz it's on sequins. cool right?
i got a size 1 so it won't be too body hugging.
all i need to do is pair with leggings
or jeans. great find!

and that's all for my list of maternity outfits.

being pregnant is a wonderful experience. that means, shopping and dressing up while pregnant should be fun and enjoyable too. you don't need to spend thousands of your hard-earned money on clothes that you can only wear when you're expecting. non-maternity clothes actually look more flattering and cuter. happy hunting!


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