Saturday, February 6, 2010

my little taurus

i love fun facts! and i like checking out websites about pregnancy. is a great website. it has a week by week 3d pregnancy calendar that gives you an idea of what's going on with you and your baby. the articles are very informative and helpful; they're witty and humorous too.

this is what my baby looks like based on my due date. according to the site, i'm currently on my 29th week. funny how my new ob was able to tell me that at once. pregnancy math is so confusing.

but then again, thanks to this site, it will help you sort out things. looking at this picture makes me want to get a 4d ultrasound. if only it wasn't expensive.

until i make a decision, i'm happy with this. here's more information about the 29th week.

another site that i recently discovered is like 3dpregnancy, it has a week by week calendar. it also offers journals and fun birthday facts.

the fun facts of course is also based on my due date. if that's the case, my baby's zodiac sign is taurus - the bull. know more about my baby's fun facts here.

check out the sites and learn more about pregnancy and other mommy-related topics. they also have forums where you can share your experiences and even post questions. 

sigh. the wonders of the world wide web. free baby information at your fingertips.


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