Saturday, February 20, 2010

pregnant and loving it

as i've mentioned in an earlier post, my first trimester was just stressful. aside from all those stress inducing factors, i was nervous, scared, confused, and everything in between. i just knew that i wasn't ready for this.

but even though the first few months were like that, i was, and still am thankful. the first time i had my ultrasound, i cried. that speck from the screen made me cry. to top it all of, it was accompanied by the most beautiful symphony i've ever heard of -- my baby's heartbeat. no words could express what i felt that day. and indeed, no words came out but a sigh...and tears.

it may have been and still is a whirlwind ride going through all the phases of pregnancy but it is something really, really amazing! and you know what? for 9 months or so, i don't have to worry about dysmenorrhea. the big (birth)day worries me of course. i may just have to cross that bridge when i get there.

right now, i am very, very excited to see my little boy -- to hug him, kiss him, touch him, cuddle with him. the weird thing is, ever since that speck has grown to be a gorgeous baby boy who just keeps on kicking, punching, tossing and turning around inside of me, it's like i want him to stay there for maybe a little bit longer. i want to cherish every single day that i would wonder whether or not it's his knee or head or shoulder poking me. of course, he can't stay inside me forever. but it's just a wonderful feeling knowing you're responsible for something so amazing. from a speck on the screen to a baby boy -- with beautiful lips, cute nose and closed eyes (he was sleeping when i had my 4d). there may be times that a kick would surprise me and even cause some kind of pain, but honestly, i love it.

i know it would be an all-together different wonderful feeling once he's out in this world but right now, i'm enjoying this phase every single day. yes, i'm 7 (going on 8) months pregnant and loving it.


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