Saturday, February 20, 2010

blooming me

i was only able to confirm my baby's gender on my 6th month. friends from the (cebu) office would say my baby's a boy. my mom guessed it was a girl -- saying that my sense of smell is too sensitive.

when i got back to manila, my friend's hubby also said my baby's a girl. that's 2 out of how many people already. i didn't want to argue.

i was able to confirm it after i had my congenital anomaly scan. my baby's a boy! funny thing is, now that i know, people from the (manila) office think he's a she. mainly because they say i'm blooming, my skin looks great, or that my neck does not have any discoloration.wish i have pictures to show it. but it's pretty hard to prove it. you just have to see me i guess.

although i have gained a lot of weight these past few months (and my face shows it), i'm just glad i still look good. haha! i mean, fatty face aside, i'm happy i'm blooming.

my first trimester was really stressful. what with all the nausea, changes in my body, plus the stress i'm getting from my baby's dad. it was just awful. i think my baby's telling me that, he's really here to protect me and make everything ok. kinda deep, yeah. maybe far-fetched. i don't exactly know how to explain it. but because i don't have all those testosterone effects, i feel like he's the one preventing all that from happening. hihi... my little boy.


p.s. did i mention that my current ob was surprised that i still do not have stretch marks? isn't that great? ;-)

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