Friday, March 26, 2010

the show

yesterday there was an earthquake that lasted probably more than 10 seconds. it made me dizzy but i remained calm. no need for panic.

today, after peeing, i noticed blood. breathe. i was in the restroom stall for quite a long time trying to figure out what's happening and wiping the blood. i thought, maybe i just have uti, it's still too early.

as soon as i got back to my workstation, i called my doctor's suite. jen answered of course and i told her what's happening. i did tell her that i'm not in pain, there are no contractions, and definitely no water. she said to come in for a check-up with doktora. if i experience any pain, she added, i should go directly to the delivery room. oh, and she also advised me to relax.

that's what I tried to do. then i decided to eat since my ob opens her clinic in makati med at 1pm. while waiting, i was exchanging text messages with my mom and told her what's going on. she said when she gave birth to my sister, first, there was blood after peeing - no pain, contractions, or water; that evening she felt it and the next day, she gave birth. hokei. breathe. it's still too early. no. relax.

finally, it was time to go and get checked by doktora. i was the 1st in line. weight now at 130lbs. tsk. as soon as i entered my ob's office, she asked how i was. after reading my file, she said it's actually ok if i have my baby today but it would be better of course if i delivered after 2 weeks. then she asked about my bloody show. i told her i noticed blood only when i pee.

check up time! the dreaded ie. she asked me to remove my underwear and she needed to see it. yep, there's blood and not 'coz i'm peeing.

i lied down, opened my legs and exhaled. she said it wasn't going to be nice. and she was absolutely right. i felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, and... somewhat violated! seriously. i don't have enough words to describe that experience. 

she said the blood is definitely from my v but i'm only 1cm dilated and that my cervix is still thick -- or something like that. there's a small possibility i will give birth this weekend. she's giving me a week. i was like, nooooo! it's still early. she said the baby has to come out sooner or later, he can't stay there forever. i answered, i know po pero sana wag sooner, maaga pa! she laughed.

she advised me to prepare my camera and my hospital bag. camera? check. bag? ummmm. she laughed again.

i suddenly mentioned about my sister's baby shower for me. told her it was scheduled on the 10th of april. she said, you have to move it earlier! i wish i could.

my doctor's not alarmed or anything but she did give me her mobile #. no additional medications and no advice like stop walking, you should rest, etc. 

she followed it up with, "tuloy pa rin ang ie mo next week ha." shux. not again.

before i left, we briefly discussed my birth plans: am i going for the maternity package, is ate confident to take care of uno, should we get uno circumcised already and so on. 

that was that. went back to the office and as soon as i got to our floor, people started asking how i was. fine. a bit shocked (from the ie), but fine.

i'm still having a bloody show. i've been doing some reading and there are moms who've experienced the same thing but ended up giving birth on their 40th week or longer. still, i will advise myself to rest so as not to speed things up. my uno still needs more time inside of me to be fully baked.

~ooh momma

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