Friday, March 19, 2010

why i need to have my picture taken...stat!

i had a check-up yesterday and i ended up having mixed emotions after.

for one, my ob already gave me a heads up that i'll be having my first internal exam on my next visit (which is on the 31st of march). yikes! she said i have enough time to prepare myself psychologically. hmm. lemme think...

waaaaaaaaaaaah!!! definitely not looking forward to it.

at least there was also a smile on my face during my check-up. as soon as my doctor pulled-up my shirt, this is what she had to say, "ang ganda ng tyan mo, bilog na bilog, walant stretch marks...ayaw mo magpa picture? sayang naman, so cute pa naman your tyan... mag beach ka, mag 2 piece ka! pakita mo tyan mo!" 

isn't that something you'd like to hear when you're pregnant? aaaah, amazing! 

she convinced me to have my picture taken before i give birth. i might not get this "kind" of pregnancy again. if she only knew. i've been trying to find a photographer to take pix of me and my tummy. good thing she has a discount card for blow up babies. the card entitles the mommy to be to a php500 discount for the shoot and php200 discount for the photo. she gave me one! yipee! better have myself booked before it's too late. my doctor said i could give birth soon and she advised me to go on leave on the 12th of april (even when my due date is on the 22nd).

she did tell me to watch what i eat though. on my last visit 2 weeks ago, i was 125 lbs. (ewww, i know). yesterday, my weight was 129!!! (and last night it was at 131!) i told her i had my birthday and i couldn't resist eating. at least she said my baby's size still looks average. whew! and i'm not sure if i should be calm after hearing her mention that it's ok to have normal delivery even if the baby is 8 lbs! the only problem is my toot toot will get.... well, let's not get into the details.

sheesh. just writing about my check-up is giving me mixed emotions again!

hopefully i can have my pictures taken this weekend. well, i guess i really have to find a way...before my baby comes out... ;-)


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