Sunday, March 14, 2010

the search is over

when we went to divisoria to buy stuff for uno, i asked my mom if she knows where we can get a laundry detergent that's best for baby clothes. she said i can only get them from the states. bummer.

little did i know that our local department stores actually have mild laundry detergents that are suited for babies. i've been strolling around sm and landmark's baby areas and i found out that both have detergents. yipee! i don't have to ask a relative or a friend to buy for me from the u.s.

cycles mild laundry detergent for babies from the landmark. 3-in-1 pack for php96.00.

i only bought one pack to try it out first. they have other sizes in doy packs and even in bottles. so you're pretty much covered depending on your baby laundry needs. 

i only want what's safe and gentle for my baby. thank God for our local department stores.


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