Sunday, March 14, 2010

preparing the hospital bag

i'm already on my 34th week and my hospital bag is not even ready yet. chaos!  i read somewhere that you should have it prepared around your 6th or 7th month. oh my. i still have a lot on my list. 

here's what i have so far...

clockwise from l to r: disposable breast pads, sanitary 
napkin with wings, sanitary overnight napkins, nursing bras, 
toothbrush, mouthwash, underwears, soap, facial wash, 
shampoo, conditioner, camera, and batteries.

i'm glad i stroll around department stores every chance i get. i was able to find disposable breast pads in sm. it's pretty affordable. i bought 6 new underwears for the hospital. these i have yet to wash. of course, i need to include fresh batteries for the camera. i only bought 2 nursing bras. too bad they only had them available in pink that time. will check out landmark again 'coz i want it in white or black. i didn't want bulky items in my bag that's why i didn't buy the shampoo, conditioner, and facial wash in bottles.

my friend thea, who recently gave birth mentioned she brought maternity pads, adult diapers, and infant diapers with her. i guess i really have to go back to the department stores before it's too late. i can get them cheaper than getting it from the hospital that's way overpriced.

i also need a robe and some clothes for sleeping. i have to make sure i have everything ready before my 9th month. pressure!


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