Tuesday, June 29, 2010

startin' him young

he probably wouldn't understand it 'til he turns 5 or even older but i still did it nonetheless... and i'm so glad i did!

still wonderin' what it is?

it's a bdo junior savers club account for uno. weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

it didn't really matter to me what the product has to offer. i didn't even bother to check out other banks. as long as i can open an account for uno the most convenient way possible, that's good enough for me. our building's bdo branch was the best option and i was just too excited to wait another day.

to open a junior savers club account, you only need the following:
- your baby's birth certificate
- (1) 1x1 picture of your baby
- (2) of your IDs
- (1) 1x1 pic of yourself
- php500 (to open an account)

i had uno's birth certificate and 2 of my IDs (license and company ID) photo copied. i  also got him 1x1 and 2x2 pictures. just bring the original copy of your baby's birth certificate so they can compare them. bring your IDs too, of course. isn't that easy?

according to the bank personnel who assisted me, the maintaining balance can be as low as php100. this is still subject to verification, but i know i heard her right. (i wonder why i didn't ask her then.)

the bdo website also indicates that the maintaining balance has to be at php500 for it to earn a .625% interest. like i said, i don't even know what other banks can offer, but as long as uno's account can earn interest, i'm a happy customer!

all of uno's monetary gifts are now in his account.  yey! i will leave it up to him to decide  what he wants to do with his money. in the meantime, i need to make sure his account will grow. so aside from diapers, milk formula (which he would eventually get) and other things, i need to set aside an uno fund for his savings. time to budget, budget, budget!

ooooh, i can't wait to see him deposit money that he saved himself. i also can't wait to see him get all excited to withdraw money! hihi...

so that's done, finally! next on my to do list for uno: passport! wish me luck!

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