Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the human duyan

i swear! it's so difficult to put uno to sleep nowadays. he's now used to being carried and you really need to stand-up and lull him to sleep. as soon as you sit down, he wakes up! ugh! an adorable nightmare.

we've been using his stroller whenever we'd go out but we'd end up carrying him anyway coz lately he gets restless when he's on it.

meet uno's ride: the chicco trevi stroller.
@ st. luke's for his well-baby check-up.
gone were the days when he'd just 
sleep tight in his stroller. sigh.

so as not to cause mayhem while out and about, i decided to buy a carrier.
this was taken yesterday. en route to G5.

before buying this, i already bought a next 9 sling but i found it so uncomfortable for both of us when i tried to put him in it using the newborn carry. since i already spent php999 for the sling, i was on the lookout for an affordable carrier. good thing the gaisano department store in market, market carries (pardon the pun) different types of carriers. 

at first they showed me one that didn't look sturdy at all. eventually, i got the bebeta 6in1 soft baby carrier. aside from the fact that i can carry him 6 different ways, i bought  it coz my friend wanted it too (even though she already has a chicco carrier). there were only 2 colors available so i ended up getting the lumot green version instead of khaki.

i got it for only php749.75 and i consider that a bargain. so far i've only tried the newborn carry. uno will graduate from that as soon as he can support his own head. i've been using it at home too to rock him to sleep -- hands free! whadyaknow? i'm a mommy and a human duyan. ^^, (i'm still bent on buying a real duyan of course!)

just a few things though:
- the carrier's head support is too big for him so i placed a baby head cushion in it;
- it can get pretty hot inside so i make sure to check on him frequently; and finally,
- the newborn carry only uses 1 shoulder for support, so i make sure to alternate every now and then.

i think the stroller will gather dust before we use it again. *wink*

as for my get-up: everything i'm wearing are my sister's. i decided to wear leggings coz i was planning to buy shorts. i can easily try on some pants/shorts without removing the leggings. the sandals are of course, made for walking. the loose tank top is for easy breastfeeding. but since it's too loose, i wore a black tube underneath...and yes, that is still my sister's. 

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