Sunday, June 27, 2010

sent from above

**super late post**

i got a blow-up babies (bub) free photo session card from my ob when i was still pregnant. she gave it to me after one of my prenatal checkups coz she was just amazed by my tummy. here's what i posted in facebook after that encounter:

don't you just love her? she's so chic and cool. i'm so glad i switched. ;-)

anyway, a friend's boyfriend gladly took pix of me in all my pregnant glory. so i decided to keep the card for when my baby's a few weeks old. i remember seeing a black & white photo of heidi klum with baby lou sulola who was just days old. (sorry, been trying to look for it.) it was pure love and i knew i wanted something like it. the only problem was, i didn't have  that same awesome body and rockin' flat tummy as ms. klum. so, here's what i came up with instead...

i wore a white spaghetti strapped top and skirt and was brave (or maybe just stupid) enough to remove all of uno's clothes...yes, including his diaper! this was actually the 2nd shot and uno was becoming uncooperative coz of all the lights flashing. still, i absolutely love how the pic came out! and to quote a friend, "parang madonna and child ah." *heaven*

let it be known though that before uno's 3rd pose, he poop'd on my white outfit. talk about perfect timing! ;-)

a baby photo shoot is not complete without any kind of wings included. so for uno's 1st shot, my heart just melted coz of his cuteness!

my truly adorable little angel! i couldn't stop laughing though while his pic was being taken. the wings are longer than him and since it was too big for him to wear, they just placed it on his back. clever! 

and finally, the last shot was from a pic i saw from their album. i liked the simplicity and how it shows how fragile a baby is.

those are my mom's hands. doesn't uno look so innocent here? sigh. i should have placed a ribbon here somewhere with the text: handle with care.

the card entitled me to a free photo session worth php500 plus a php200 discount on photo printing. each 8x10 sheet costs php900 for non-members. i got 3 sheets so i could get a free cd with around 15 unedited photos plus the edited ones. all in all i only shelled out php2500 instead of 3200. thanks for the card, doktora!

happy sunday!

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