Tuesday, June 29, 2010

it's not fare

i miss cebu.

i've been staying at my mom's house in paranaque since i gave birth. went back to work a few weeks ago and haven't moved back to the apartment in taguig mainly because uno still does not have a yaya.

i miss cebu. really.

the minimum cab fare from my mom's house to the office is php160.

bummer right? even uno's scratchin' his head... *wink*

php100 is all i need to get to the office and take me back home. 100 and that's round trip already! but like i said, i miss cebu.

i'm back in manila. back to life. back to reality.

in 2 months' time, we're moving to our ortigas site. ugh. how worse can it get?

well, here's hopin' for the best.

happy inauguration p*noy and v*nay!

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