Friday, July 30, 2010

is there a fairy godmother out there?

coz i really need a wish right now.

when her fairy godmother appeared, cinderella was crying and her clothes were torn. my clothes may still be in tact and i may not be shedding a tear, but i really, desperately need my fairy godmother. if i don't have one, can i borrow hers?

these past few days, it's like i'm going thru hard labor.

1. work in the morning.
2. give uno a bath when i get home.
3. feed him. put him to sleep
4. clean and sterilize the used bottles, teat, breast pump, cups, etc
5. wake up every 2 hours to feed him.
6. wake up early to do #1.

i have no qualms with 1-3 and 5 -- those are my bonding sessions with my little prince. all i want is for someone else to do #4.

well, what i really want is a nanny for uno.

we've gone through 4 nannies in a month's time. wow. 1 lasted for 3 days, the other was just a day...i thought the 3rd was a charm since she stayed for 2 weeks until she finally said she couldn't handle it anymore. and finally, the 4th lasted only for 2 days.

reasons for not staying? they can't handle my baby coz he's too big for a 3 month old boy and moves a lot.


i wish...

...i was rich so i wouldn't have to work and i can stay at home to take care of uno.
...i can work at home.
or (to make it more realistic)
...i can find the perfect nanny.

unlike cinderella's granted wish, i hope mine won't just last until midnight.

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