Thursday, July 1, 2010

my milk cafe experience

aps gets 5,000 pogi points for coming up with this.

is it a very small office?

a loner's pantry? ;-)

a detention room perhaps?

presenting...(drum roll please)






it's just a cubicle but it works for me.

i like the swivel chair. it's not as comfy as a sofa but at 
least i don't have to stand up (wearing high heels) for at 
least 20 minutes just to pump milk.

 there's a mirror so you can check and fix yourself
after all that "pumping"

mood lights! to help you relax and get into your rhythm. 

it also has 110 and 220v sockets for electric pumps.

there's a makeshift table for your breast pump lunch box...

there's a hook on each side so you can hang your 
shirt or jacket.

and the most important thing we need when it comes to breastmilk...

 ...a breastmilk refrigerator! i hope i won't see any
tupperware with rice and viand. =D

i know i've posted too many pictures but this experience won't be complete without taking pix of myself. *wide grin*

ewww. oiliness is next too motherhood... =P
i like the poster! bravo! it shares a few of the benefits of
breastfeeding and how you can still continue this
even after returning to work.

a must: mirror shot!

more flyers that talk about pregnancy and breastfeeding.
see that one on the right? i was able to "harvest" around 7
ounces. sabi nga ng friend ko, "good job, mum!" hihi

it's super cold inside so make sure to cover up. ;-) the cubicle's door is facing several workstations so don't forget to check the lock too.

it may not mean anything to the 9,000 (give or take) employees of aps, but it means a lot to me. it's a good thing i remembered it was already up and running, otherwise i would have waited for the disabled restroom to be available... then i would need to ask someone from maintenance to spray lysol inside...wait another 5 minutes or so for the spray to subside. and as mentioned, pump milk standing up wearing high heels. plus of course there's the pantry refrigerator with all sorts of things. yikes.

kudos to aps for being an advocate of breastfeeding (and supporting the expanded breastfeeding promotion act). i'm proud to be part of aegis... (can i mention that?)

always remember, breast is best! hmmm. i wonder when they'll allow us to have lactation periods... so  lunch time is used for eating instead of harvesting. is that asking too much? hehe...


adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

hi from mbc! this is great that they have a place set aside for pumping moms!!! LOVE IT.
adriel @ the mommyhood memos

The Planet Pink said...

This is GENIUS! I seriously love it and wish that more places of employment offered nursing space so accomodating. I found you from MBC and look forward to reading more!

ohmygoddess said...

i'm so glad they came up with this. ;-)

nifty n' nice said...

ang galing nito labs ah! at least breastfed si Uno longer.

ohmygoddess said...

uhuh! i hope they come up with a day care center next. hehe