Friday, July 30, 2010

had i met you, i would've fallen in love again last year

pregnant or not, you can say that i'm a bit clumsy. i often find myself tripping, in most instances, on the same spot -- like the first 2 steps at our apartment. so, as a precaution, i decided to wear flats while pregnant.

i thought, that would have been the perfect time to rest my poor soles after all those high-heeled wearing days. unfortunately, the flat footed me was only used to wearing havaianas and thong sandals. finding comfortable ballet flats was a big challenge.

too bad, i only discovered what i would say the most comfortable shoes a single working mom can ever own, after giving birth. i could have been singing in the rain with those shoes, big belly and all. teehee...

so, without further ado, meet suelas. the shoe that you can fold, flatten, and roll.

don't they look comfy? i think moms-to-be should have one pair (or 2...or more) in their closet. i haven't seen one but i heard these are really comfortable and flexible.

i ordered online a few months back, but being the average filipina woman that i am, my shoe size -- in all 3 colors that i like, is not available. 

i'm currently drooling over their llanura collection and would love to get my hands on these:

don't they look lovely?

i think my feet would thank me if i have these. and i'd probably turn my back on my heels for a few days. or not. lol.

if you can't wait to get your hands on one, go to the supersale bazaar this weekend at the rockwell tent. they have new styles and you can get up to 20% off on selected items!

happy sole searching!

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