Tuesday, August 3, 2010

single mom style

i've been checking out a lot of fashion blogs lately and i can, without a doubt say i (seriously envy and) am inspired by a lot of looks. just because i'm a single mom on a budget, it doesn't mean i should not make an effort to dress up nicely, right?

i decided to recycle my leggings from my pregnant days. did you know that before i got pregnant, i didn't own a single pair of leggings? i only bought them coz i couldn't fit my jeans anymore. when i gave birth, i already had 5 in my closet -- 3 blacks, 1 brown, and 1 gray. believe me when i say, leggings are a pregnant lady's bestfriend.

the shirt is my dad's. i'm lovin' white shirts lately. ;-) i couldn't find any vintage items from my mom's closet, so i raided my dad's instead. the shirt is not vintage, but it's now mine! yay! 

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