Saturday, August 21, 2010

the great aventure

happy breastfeeding awareness month!

i know, i know...i'm probably the only  mommy blogger out there who has not posted anything about this special month. but, better late than never, right? and besides, we still have a few more days to go. ;-)

you may not know it, but i am an advocate of breastmilk. uno was exclusively breastfed for 3 months.  the 1st 2 months were easy coz i was on mat leave -- we were practically together 24/7! the 3rd month was a bit difficult since i already had to go back to work. if only i could supply his demands, he wouldn't be taking any formula until his pedia tells me to do so. it just so happened that when he turned 3 months, "harvesting" at least 10 oz a day at work has been a challenge. 

still, i am happy to say that even when at work, i can breastfeed uno. and nope, i don't bring him to work. i can still provide him the breastmilk nutrition all thanks to my bffs (breast feeding friends).

and here they are...

 avent isis manual breast pump. never been used
hand me down from my sister. budget saver!
(sorry about the recycled photo from this post)

 avent via storage system

uno may not be feeding directly from me but my bffs have been a great help in my goal of breastfeeding him for as long as i can.

avent is just the best. i simply love it. they're like mommy's little helpers coz they make our lives easier and cost-efficient. see for yourself.

source: avent 2008 product catalogue from

awesome isn't it? i love the idea that a 4 oz feeding bottle can be changed to a sippy cup and a via cup can turn into a feeding bottle. bonkers! (sorry, just shallow like that and you know, still experiencing the 1st time-mom excitement)

what's even more awesome is that avent has a promotion this month!


just to give you an idea...

this retails for php8,199.75

source: avent 2008 product catalogue from

now available for only php5,739. 

or how about this...

source: avent 2008 product catalogue from

for only php3,709?

if you've been eyeing an avent product for the longest time, i think now's the best time to grab it. *wink*

happy shopping! and again, happy breastfeeding!

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