Thursday, August 5, 2010

x rated

was only planning to stay at my mom's house until wednesday but decided to stay 'til the weekend. we're "testing" out the new nanny. ;-) i ran out of clothes to wear since i only brought 3 outfits with me. the pants are mine (luckily some of my laundry were already done), the white shirt is my sister's, and that xl sized gray thing i'm wearing is actually a hoodie. (sorry for the blue colored photo. took it inside the classroom while waiting for the trainees to finish their exam.)

anyway, don't you think my boobs are too big for me? (and they look like they're all over the place. yikes! better bra please!)  i've always complained about not having the right boob size and having a whole lotta booty. and now that i'm breastfeeding, my boobs are just way too big and my butt is now flat. life is indeed unfair. 

imagine being called a porn star. eep. no thanks. i'd rather have an ample behind than big bumpers. oh well. i guess when it comes to breastfeeding, the bigger, the better. 

p.s. i can't stop picturing this in my head: little red riding hood scene. "mommy, what big boobs you have!" "the better to feed you with, my dear." lol.

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