Saturday, August 21, 2010

thir-tween again

i've been looking for a cardigan ever since the somewhat-rainy season has started. too bad, i couldn't find something simple...and affordable. yes, if you're a single mom and on a budget, affordable is the name of the game.

so, i was in sm the other day looking for one. who would've thought i'd find one in the teens' department?

i got the gray cardigan for only php399.75. i paired it with my boots coz it was raining yesterday morning. i'm still thinking if i should get it in black. since it's made for teens, the sleeves are a bit tight on my arms. i opted for the gray one coz it has a more stretchy fabric than the black version. what do you think? good find, right?

hmmm, i think i should still get the black one. =D

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