Wednesday, August 25, 2010

it's here!

yehey, look what arrived today!

it's my new avent isis breast pump body and cover! nope, i didn't get it for free ( i wish). nonetheless, i'm so happy it's here. 

these are the parts of the old model.

the new one has a built-in bottle adapter and locking ring -- less parts, less hassle! 

i desperately need these replacement parts coz my current pump body now looks like this.

my old pump's neck (left) came loose and you cannot screw the adapter to it anymore. 

department stores that carry avent products do not have replacement parts. you need to call ljs (avent distributor) and order from them. the pump body costs php1,200. i had to buy a cover coz the old one won't fit the new pump body model and that costs php300. since their office is in sta. mesa, i added 100 bucks so they can send it to me via courier.

i deposited the payment to their bdo account and sent an email (with the scanned deposit slip) monday afternoon. the package arrived this morning. i was expecting it to arrive tomorrow since i was told it usually takes that long but i'm so glad i got it early. 

i heard that avent (u.s.) has great customer service. it's good to know ljs has the same!

if you need replacement parts, you may call (02)713-9438 and look for rachelle or rina of the avent department. they'll take care of your concerns, that's for sure.

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