Saturday, August 28, 2010

no magic, just an illusion

i've been frequenting sm makati lately. there's the 2nd floor for their parisian shoes, the babies' department on the 3rd floor, there's also the surplus shop, and of course, the ladies' deparment. sm has a lot of good stuff nowadays -- and most of them at budget friendly prices.

take for example coco cabana. i know it's beach wear but they have pieces that can be worn somewhere else. and their prices are really good. look at one of my recent finds:


nope, it's not a skirt. i love the illusion of the skirt when it's actually a pair of shorts! bought it for only php399.75! the skirt effect gives it a girly feel without making me too conscious or anything. skirts make me iffy sometimes. you know, those skirts-tucked-in-panties moments? i've seen a lot of those in high school. eeep, don't want that to happen to me. that's why skirts make me nervous. but with this, i'm a free-spirit! dance. dance. dance. lol.

and guess what? i so love this skirt, that i also have it in olive.

(sorry for the pic. my camera's busted so i rely
on my laptop camera nowadays.)

love the military-ish color! manly-girly shorts. <3. <3. <3.

go. get yourself one. *wink*

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nifty n' nice said...

wow, nag de-department store ka na labs! so proud!